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The Best Online Tencent/QQ Video Downloader

This page (AMP Version) provides a powerful and easy-to-use online universal tool that analyses the original video URLs from

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Tencent/QQ Video Download API

We provide this simple, powerful and easy-to-use API to return the correct and true video URL given a web page from
Use it at your own risk and use it fairly. Also, we provide a simple but powerful Chrome Extension that allows you to click once and extract the Tencent/QQ video URL when you are at the Tencent/QQ video pages.

Tencent/QQ Video Download API Endpoint is:

Example of Download/Parsing Tencent/QQ Videos via API:

The Tencent/QQ API-server can be found here, where currently there are four Tencent/QQ API servers located geographically worldwide.

If you are using iOS, you can also use the Workflow to download the Tencent/QQ Videos. How to Download Tencent/QQ Videos via Workflow APP?

The Tencent/QQ Videos can be downloaded via Server easy-to-use API.

Simply fill in the URL and click the button, if it does not work correctly, please do let me know via web email or leave a comment at the end of the page. We will continue improving this online utility and add more features in the future!

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